About Us

Do we team up?

At Pablo Ortuño Fotografía we are passionate about challenges. In an event, pressure, difficulty, unforeseen events and other particularities are common components that, far from overcoming us, motivate us. When we cover an event we feel part of the team and we like communication to be direct, fluid and trusting. We strive to create a good working environment to stop being "the photographers" and become part of the team. We know perfectly how events work, we generate trust and we try to free the production team from other worries by being as autonomous as possible. The previous work we do before each event, allows us to minimize surprises and face the working day with maximum guarantees. In addition, our more than 20 years photographing events, give us a background that is transformed into adaptability, anticipation and the ability to effectively solve the unforeseen events of a large production.


Having a long career in event photography, congresses and all kinds of events, allows us to understand the dynamics, move discreetly and go unnoticed. The control of protocol and having been part of production teams gives us an added value. In recent years, brands such as Toyota, Vodafone, DHL, Microsoft or Mahou San Miguel among many others, have placed their trust in us.


From the moment we receive an order, we put all the machinery to work and we get involved to the maximum to guarantee the success of the event. We analyze spaces, needs, logistics, signage, check schedules with production and offer an active dialogue so that, together, we can achieve the goal set.


We are not afraid of different or original proposals. On the contrary, they motivate us and make us do our best to achieve the desired result. No matter how strange, difficult or peculiar your proposal may seem, we are capable of adapting to almost any circumstance. If you have something unconventional in mind, we are your team!  

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