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If you are organizing an event, congress, incentive trip, team building, concert or any kind of important event, you are in the right place! At Pablo Ortuño Fotografía we have been photographing events for more than 20 years. During all this time we have learned to know how an event works perfectly. We understand events, congresses, and all kinds of acts as a choreography in which production, suppliers, guests, speakers and others involved, must be perfectly synchronized so that everything goes as planned. In addition to photographing events, we have also been part of production teams in different congresses, which has given us a much more global vision and has allowed us to know the internal needs of an event to anticipate and work in a much faster and effective way. We give value to all kinds of details and try to tell a story so that it describes perfectly what happened and there is cohesion between what was photographed and what you imagined. We like to meet with you to plan the work and get involved in an active way offering advice so that the brand visibility is very present and makes the event shine. We are based in Valencia but we are travelers at heart and can offer service anywhere in the world. Currently we have covered events in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, Ibiza, Seville among other cities. Come on, tell us what you are up to and let's work together.

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